Capturing my router login

asked 2018-12-22 01:23:02 +0000

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My ISP in the UK is Sky, they have their provided router pretty well locked up, but I'd like to use my own router. I can't get the router login details from them, they say they don't support this, so I've run WireShark to capture these details, and followed a youtube video for guidance, but I'm not getting the same results. Steps as follows:

Running WireShark to capture ethernet traffic. Restarting Sky router. Waiting for DHCP traffic to stop and router to restart. Stop WireShark. Filter data "udp.port==67". Select a line containing "DHCP Discover". Select Bootstrap protocol (Discover) Option: (61) Client Identifier and I copy Bytes as printable text Then I open a text file in plain text and paste.

This is where my results differ. All I get is =$20¦ The youtube video I watch the user gets a string of text that they are able to separate into a username and password.

The only difference that is obvious to me, is that he is using a Windows machine and I'm on a Mac, but the actual process is identical, they're even using the same router and ISP.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

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