what is the discrepancy between my ISP speedtest and the Wireshark Mbits/second summary... Mbits/second Summary is less than half of ISP speedtest.

asked 2018-12-03 21:27:32 +0000

When I run my speedtest using RCNs (or fast.com or speedtest.net or dslspeed.net or google's speedtest) while running Wireshark, my Wireshark Mbits per second is consistently about half what the speedtests show. The packets during the speedtest are all TCP and very little errors. I am just trying to understand why such a huge disparity other than the ISPs might be over-inflating their numbers a bit.

I have performed the download/wireshark capture at clients, at the office and at home and it's pretty consistent in the discrepancy. I am sure I am not taking something info consideration.

And yes, I am connected directly to the cable modem.



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