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what is the expected value/format for display filter in { }?

asked 2018-10-17 14:33:30 +0000

RobD gravatar image

I assumed "in" would allow a set of CSV values like in {1,8,12,18} but that results in syntax error.

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answered 2018-10-17 15:33:25 +0000

Jaap gravatar image

See here for the relevant part of the users guide.

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Or refer also to The membership operator section of the wireshark-filter man page.

cmaynard gravatar imagecmaynard ( 2018-10-17 15:40:49 +0000 )edit

answered 2018-10-17 14:41:28 +0000 in {1 8 12 18} works for me. Not comma separated, but space-separated.

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Thank you for the quick response and answer

RobD gravatar imageRobD ( 2018-10-17 14:46:36 +0000 )edit

answered 2018-10-17 14:40:25 +0000

jackpcraig gravatar image

Hi Rob, try it with spaces instead of commas.

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Thanks! wow, been looking at too many packets to consider a space :)

RobD gravatar imageRobD ( 2018-10-17 14:46:10 +0000 )edit

@RobD, Since both answers seem to have resolved your question, please accept one of them using the checkmark so the question is no longer considered, "Unanswered".

cmaynard gravatar imagecmaynard ( 2018-10-17 15:04:02 +0000 )edit

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