TCP segment data -- is it under the SSL section?

asked 2018-08-03 00:38:10 +0000

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I did a capture and frame 2 was 100 B (an ad server,, to my internal IP). The protocol was TLSv2; under the TCP section of the packet it said that the TCP Segment Length was 46, but the actual byte highlighted in hex was 50 (80 in decimal), so why does it display hex 50 if the segment data itself composes 46 Bytes? The header of the TCP is 20 B, so I must assume that the 46 B is separate from the header, because directly after the header in the packet comes bytes indexed 54 to 99 (46 Bytes), which are under the Secure Sockets Layer section... is all TCP data encrypted under SSL? How can I see the unencrypted contents?


sorry, can't post an image yet..

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