Decryted SSL tab not visible/not appearing

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Hello All,

I am testing the SSL/TLS connections, and I am storing my SSL key log file under the SSL preferences "(Pre)-Master- Secret log filename" (under Preferences--> Protocol-->SSL), in order to decrytp traffic. I saved the enviromental variable(SSLKEYLOGFILE) on a folder, and I have checked the file, and it is updated regurlarly when I am browinsing the internet.

I am connecting via a Proxy to external websites, I am seeing the HTTPS destitantion address,..etc. but I am missing the Decrypted SSL key tab, as for example seen in this blog Old Blog Showing the Decryted tab

I wonder if there is no "SSL Descryted Data" tab on this version or I am missing something in my setup. I do see the "Reassembled TCP" tab. I also have qutie a few "Ignored Unknow recored" and my TCP prefrences has marked the "Allow subdisector to resasemble TCP streams"

I am using Wireshark version 2.4.4, under a Windows 7 machine.

20180328_ Edit: I have realized there is no initial SSL handshake captured in the trace (28th March)

Best Regards

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Could it be the reason, there is no initial TLS handshake in the trace captured to make enable Wireshark to decrypt the SSL ?

xinxolHH gravatar imagexinxolHH ( 2018-03-28 13:36:03 +0000 )edit