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dissector bug, packet-quic.c:4571: failed assertion "quic_packet"

asked 2024-06-06 04:39:23 +0000

3Matt gravatar image

Good afternoon Currently tracing a TEAMS performance issue where shared desktops are not updating in a timely manner when large number of people are on a call. 70+ people approximately. Note that there is never any problem with video or audio. The shared desktop appears to be transmitted on port 3481. Looking at a PCAP file of a client on a problem call I have seen some dissector bugs. [Dissector bug, protocol QUIC: C:\gitlab-builds\builds\MsQ3pox2\0\wireshark\wireshark\epan\dissectors\packet-quic.c:4571: failed assertion "quic_packet"]

I'm using Wireshark 4.2.5 to review the pcap file.

Ay suggestions would be gratefully received.

Regards Matt

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I should note that Version 4.0.6 was used to capture the trace.

3Matt gravatar image3Matt ( 2024-06-06 19:55:09 +0000 )edit

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answered 2024-06-06 05:48:33 +0000

Guy Harris gravatar image

The word "bug", in that message, means "bug", i.e. it's a bug in Wireshark. Please report this as an issue on the Wireshark issues list.

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