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End of life(EOL),End of support(EOS)DATES

asked 2024-05-27 06:33:12 +0000

Hi all I wanted to the End of life or End of support for the following softwares Text2pcap 3.4 Reordercap 3.4 Dumpcap 3.4 Text2pcap 3.6 Rawshark 3.6 Capinfos 3.6 TShark 3.6 Recordercap 3.6 Mergecap 3.6 Editcap 3.6 Dumpcap 3.6

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answered 2024-05-27 07:47:32 +0000

Guy Harris gravatar image

We don't have EOL or EOS dates for particular programs, we only have EOL/EOS dates for particular releases of Wireshark as a whole, including all the programs in each release, not just the Wireshark program.

The end-of-support dates for Wireshark release is in a not-very-obvious place in the Wireshark Wiki, the Release Life Cycle page. The End of Support planning table lists the EOS date for the 3.6 release as May 22, 2024.

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