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About USBPcap idVendor

asked 2023-10-03 05:29:11 +0000

K.S. gravatar image

updated 2023-10-03 05:29:51 +0000

About idVendor listed in USB IF. How can I display the company name (vendor name) at 0x10F6 in Wireshark? Since it is marked as "unknown", I would like the developer to add it.

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answered 2023-10-03 12:35:13 +0000

Chuckc gravatar image

updated 2023-10-03 13:14:24 +0000

The Wireshark table (tools/ is built from public databases:

# make-usb - Creates a file containing vendor and product ids.
# It use the databases from
# - The USB ID Repository: (, mirrored at Sourceforge
# - libgphoto2 from gPhoto: (, available at GitHub
# to create our file epan/dissectors/usb.c

Submit new entries here: Submit new data

(epan/dissectors/usb.c is updated by the weekly "Automatic update" jobs
12129: [Automatic update for 2023-09-17] created by geraldcombs/update-ws-numbers)

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Asked: 2023-10-03 05:29:11 +0000

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