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UDP src port 9999 & dst port 9999 - what does it mean?

asked 2023-09-22 02:39:19 +0000

89IoT gravatar image


i was going through statistics > protocol hierarchy > HTTP > Data in wireshark

From the wireshark panel, i could see the following : UDP (src port - 9999) from the source of my router (Asus) IP to dst port 9999 (destination IP

There are about 118 packets with individual length of 554.

What does it mean for the above ? Not very sure on this. it looks like there is a broadcast of information from my router IP. as i check through some research information on google, it looks like this UDP 9999 is actually a form of vulnerability. but i am not too sure how to view as a issue of compromised through wireshark.

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answered 2023-09-22 07:53:05 +0000

grahamb gravatar image

Probably a discovery broadcast, I think ASUS, amongst others, do that.

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