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How to decrypt TLS in TCP ?

asked 2023-05-20 06:34:31 +0000

To decrypt TLS in HTTPS you can set browser to save keys, how to decrypt TLS in TCP ? (If HTTPS is not involved)

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answered 2023-05-20 21:22:50 +0000

Bob Jones gravatar image

If you can access the key material, it is exactly the same. You may need to set ‘decode as’ to tls, but if key material is present, it should decode.

Getting key material is completely dependent on what you are doing and is surely the difficult part. I suspect this is your question, but really no way to say if your specific cases are not understood. Generally, you can have OpenSSL dump the keys if that option is present in your app. Other libraries may do the same, but even if supported, the functionality has to be allowed at the application level. There are proxy systems that could sometimes work.

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