Win10 computer has some kind of DNS/DHCP issue that only resetting the DNS servers in the router fixes. Other devices on the network unaffected. [closed]

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This is a weird one I've been troubleshooting for what feels like ages and can't figure out.

My Win10 computer will about once an hour stop making any new connections to URLs, and won't be able to ping IP addresses either. Existing connections won't be affected, such as open Teams calls or Spotify streaming etc.

The only way I've been able to fix this is to go into my router's settings page and manually change the static DNS servers to something new, I've been using as primary, and then switching between and for secondary. Leaving the primary alone and changing the secondary is enough to have my desktop computer start making new connections again. No other devices on the network lose connection like this, it's only my computer. In my IPv4 settings it's currently set to use automatic DNS servers, but changing those to what's identical in my router settings doesn't fix the issue either.

I've tried updating/reinstalling ethernet drivers and nothing so far has worked.

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Not a Wireshark question, although I'm not sure where to redirect you, maybe a Windows forum?

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