ARP protocol in Handover

asked 2018-09-05 16:15:09 +0000

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Hi guys,

I'm analysing the streaming youtube behavior in one mobile operator network and one of some tools to use is Wireshark. Well, It's my first once to use this tool for analyzing these types of networks. I have some sessions dropped after handovers done (handover is a jump between different cells in network). Looking in wireshark .pcap, i can see that during handover, streaming traffic is stopped and mobile terminal sends ARP protocolo to ask the new IP connection (new EnodeB). So Network response this ARP, but after this, only i see [PSH,ACK] from network and when UE sends Standards queries to solve DNS, it didn't find any response from network. So my question is, how i should interpret this? Just network no response? RF conditions in channel between terminal mobile and network are fine, so isn't RF cause.

Sorry, but I haven't points to attach images, therefore you can see the screenshot in the following URL: Thanks in advance! KR.

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