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Is it possible to show packet loss in percentage for a specific tcp stream?

asked 2023-03-22 17:16:45 +0000

Is it possible to show packet loss in percentage for a specific tcp stream?

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answered 2023-03-23 03:09:08 +0000

Because TCP is connection-oriented, there will be retransmission when segments are lost. You could come up with a mathematical way of counting how many segments were sent properly and how many were lost but this would require some time and effort. Depending on various factors, like the kind of hosts you are using and the different implementation of TCP on those hosts, you'll have different ways of dealing with packet loss.

You may see the same lost segment retransmitted once or multiple time depending on TCP implementation. If you "really" wanted to, you could go through the TCP sequence numbers and see which one were retransmitted. You'd have to decide on the math but could do retransmitted segments divided by total segments times 100.

This approach is not foolproof because it does not take into account everything that can go wrong during a TCP session.

Look at the documentation for help with TCP analysis.

tcp.analysis.retransmission is a good way to start identifying the segments that were lost.

Also, you can right click a TCP segment and click Follow TCP stream if you have more than one stream in your PCAP file.

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