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Can i replicate captured TCP command?

asked 2023-02-07 13:37:39 +0000

Hello there, I have NEC TV's that can be turned on/off via TCP command. I can se the command in Wireshark on specific port.

Is there a simple way to replicate that specific captured command? Thank you.

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answered 2023-02-07 14:51:33 +0000

Ginny S gravatar image

This could work if the TV in question will accept the same packet without variation. Commands will sometimes have something like a time-sensitive value to protect against replays and spurious retransmissions. IoT devices don't include these controls as often as they should though!

If the same packet is acceptable, this can be done like a replay attack. You could use a tool like tcpreplay to replay from a pcap (doesn't support pcapng, unfortunately). You can isolate the packet and save in pcap format to use with tcpreplay.

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Asked: 2023-02-07 13:37:39 +0000

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