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how to get unsaved traces?

asked 2023-02-07 13:27:53 +0000

saad gravatar image

I need to retrieve the old unsaved trace results. its 2 week old file which I want

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answered 2023-02-07 15:28:51 +0000

cmaynard gravatar image

Most likely you can't retrieve any old unsaved capture files, but you can try looking in your temp folder; sometimes old capture files linger there if not cleaned up properly.

Run tshark -G folders | grep "Temp" to find the location of your temp folder, unless you're on Windows then run "C:\Program Files\Wireshark\tshark.exe" -G folders | findstr "Temp".

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Asked: 2023-02-07 13:27:53 +0000

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