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Why the latest release 4.0.2 not include F1AP release 17 dissector

asked 2022-12-08 03:12:52 +0000

jimmy gravatar image

Hi, I just notice the release last night(2022/12/7) about 4.0.2 still only support v16.9.0 for F1AP(3GPP TS 38.473) protocol. However the commit update to v17.2.0 on master branch already happened one month ago (2022/11/1). Is that a miss? and when release 4 will support latest dissector of F1AP?

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answered 2022-12-08 13:18:11 +0000

Chuckc gravatar image

updated 2022-12-08 13:18:36 +0000

WSDG: 1.5. Releases And Distributions

Minor releases typically happen every six weeks and typically include bug fixes and security updates. Major releases happen about once a year and include new features and new protocol support.

8747: F1AP: upgrade dissector to v17.2.0

Development builds for 4.1.0rc0 are available here: automated builds

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Hi, thanks for the fast and clear answer :D

jimmy gravatar imagejimmy ( 2022-12-09 01:32:01 +0000 )edit

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