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How do I decode the contents of a UDP payload as CCSDS?

asked 2022-12-04 04:04:47 +0000

nasaJpl gravatar image

updated 2022-12-04 06:44:55 +0000

Guy Harris gravatar image

I am sending CCSDS packets in the form of a UDP payload and would like to decode the payload as such. Is this possible? What I have tried to do so far is select the UDP payload and then select "decode as", but CCSDS is not in the list. It appears that only lower-level link layer protocols are in there like CAN bus and USB, but not realy sure why I can't apply CCSDS there as well.

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answered 2022-12-04 06:43:43 +0000

Guy Harris gravatar image

select the UDP payload and then select "decode as", but CCSDS is not in the list

What did you do to get the list?

Unless you have a really old version, you need to:

  • select the packet;
  • select Analyze > Decode As...;
  • click the + button;
  • double-click the value in the "Current" column for the newly-added row (it probably says "(none)");
  • clock the button on the right with "^" above "v".

That list shows CCSDS in the version of Wireshark I have.

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