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How do I begin to understand the data in the Wifi section of WireShark, please?

asked 2022-11-24 01:23:56 +0000

I want to understand how to interpret the information I read in a capture, along with the colour coding, please. I understand that WireShark is about monitoring information sent to and from ones computer. That is about it. I am a tech novice.

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answered 2022-11-25 14:25:54 +0000

Bob Jones gravatar image

Some ideas:

  1. Start with a book - something like Gast's 802.11 Wireless Networks
  2. Some good websites exist, too, such as this one.
  3. There are some wifi sessions from Sharkfest over the years. Youtube has many of them:
  4. The 802.11 specification is there, too, but it is a large document. Recommended only for advanced users.
  5. has some good information, too, if you dig.

This is just a start - there are other books and certification programs that you could study for that provide knowledge. Good luck!

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Asked: 2022-11-24 01:23:56 +0000

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