Why PPPoE "PADI" and "PADR" are not shown anymore in Windows?

asked 2022-10-21 06:31:57 +0000

Why PPPoE PADI and PADR are not shown anymore when capturing using windows, but using linux both are shown correclty? This problem is recently.

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Does "not shown" mean that you're seeing other PPPoE packets, such as session packets, but aren't seeing PADI and PADR packets? If so, are you seeing any other Discovery packets, or are you only seeing session packets?

On Windows, are you capturing on an Ethernet interface both before and after?

Did you install a newer version of Wireshark? If so, what was the old version and what is the new version?

Guy Harris gravatar imageGuy Harris ( 2022-10-21 07:10:24 +0000 )edit