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make wireshark drop packets that do not match filter criterion

asked 2022-09-14 06:35:47 +0000

i am using wireshark 3.4.8 with windows 10 pro OS .
My system is IPTV client so thousands of data packets are coming in every second on ipv4 interface on which I am running live capture.
After approximately every 127 second i get a igmp packet .
After sometime wireshark is not able to capture packets further due to restriction in RAM and storage space which I understand is reasonable.
Is there some way that wireshark only saves filtered packets and discards rest .
For example after every 10 seconds - all packets not matching filter criterion are lost forever .

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answered 2022-09-14 08:42:40 +0000

Jaap gravatar image

This is what capture filters are for. Although not as versatile as display filters, they are _the_ answer to limiting collected data.

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Capture filter is helpful. Thanks.

gowireshark gravatar imagegowireshark ( 2022-11-01 06:02:08 +0000 )edit

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