Packet Sniffing Consultant - Wire Shark

asked 2022-09-08 08:26:33 +0000

I am searching for consultation services from a Packet Sniffing Expert with Wire Shark Wire Shark and or Spectrum Analysis Expert. I have some devices I want to get a complete professional Wireless Network Analysis and Spectrum Analysis for. This would be done in Person in an Office like environment but could be done remotely with a highly competent Network Analyzer. I am expecting the expert to have their own equipment available to complete the Packet Sniffing or Spectrum Analysis with. I am looking for Experts and Intermediate Skill Network Analyzers but experienced beginner is possible if competent in the subject at hand.

How many years of Experience do you have with Packet Sniffing or Spectrum Analysis? If you know a device is transmitting Radio Frequencies with possibly data in the transmission, how would you first find the frequency of such device? Second, how would you decode the data being transmitted?

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