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plugin for mpeg dash

asked 2018-05-01 04:15:27 +0000

trondrex gravatar image

Can I watch mpeg dash at wireshark? There's a plugin for this.

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Wireshark is a packet analyser, not a video player. You can probably save the file and use an actual player to view it.

grahamb gravatar imagegrahamb ( 2018-05-01 09:55:49 +0000 )edit

Sorry, I do not express myself well, what I need is a plugin for wireshark to detect dash frames that works under http.

trondrex gravatar imagetrondrex ( 2018-05-02 01:56:28 +0000 )edit

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answered 2018-05-02 08:51:01 +0000

grahamb gravatar image

There's nothing in the Wireshark distribution for this, and Google fails to find anything (with the search terms I used).

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Asked: 2018-05-01 04:15:27 +0000

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