Possible reasons for taking so long for TLS

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I am self-learning networking. And I am new to this forum and Wireshark. I wish I could get some help from here.

I was playing some fps games and realized that sometimes it became so lag I could not even hear the audio of the game. So I opened the game while capturing packets in Wireshark, realizing that in between a bunch of UDP packets, there are some TLS packets with info: Application Data. And a handful of them takes a long time since the previous frame.


Source           | Destination      | time since previous | Protocol | Info 
                 |                  | frame in this tcp   |
                 |                  | stream              |
server address 1 | my address       | 0.0000000000        | UDP      | port -> port Len=1432
server address 1 | my address       | 0.0000290000        | UDP      | port -> port Len=1432
my address       | server address 2 | 8.3265490000        | TLSv1.2  | Application Data

the vast majority of the TLS packets have much less value e.g. 0.000028....on the time frame column. And I suspect that is the reason why the game became so lag. What are the possible causes for this problem? Is it the bandwidth of other reasons? Thx in advance.

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I also wanna ask why UDP packets have value for the "time since previous frame in this tcp stream". I think the column is presenting the time it takes from previous packets to the current packets in the TCP conversation, which is the delta time. Am I wrong?

newbie gravatar imagenewbie ( 2022-06-02 18:36:59 +0000 )edit