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How to capture communication to/from servers in a domain?

asked 2021-12-07 12:54:34 +0000

Y6v7dKdxYt gravatar image

updated 2021-12-07 13:17:01 +0000

In “Capture … using this filter” input box when I just open Wireshark, I want to specify a filter so that only communication to/from servers in a domain is captured.

But I don't find it in the above introduction. Would anybody show me the correct filter to capture communication to/from servers in a domain (e.g.,

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answered 2021-12-10 13:49:38 +0000

hugo.vanderkooij gravatar image

If you want all traffic to and from a server with IP address

Capture filter : host

Display filter : ip.addr ==

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That won't cover a domain which may cover many hosts, e.g.

grahamb gravatar imagegrahamb ( 2021-12-10 14:29:38 +0000 )edit

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