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Frame more than 126 bytes can not receive - I210 intel network adapter network adapter on Dell 0K8Y0N - Window OS

asked 2021-08-30 09:48:12 +0000

liujia gravatar image

Hi, I am newbie. I rent a dell DSS5100 server which configured as atom C2338 CPU and intel I210 network adapter. Server run well on Linux OS But re-install Windows 2019 with intel latest network adapter driver, it can not receive/process frame which has more than 127 bytes length. For example, ping -l 84 is okay, but ping -l 85 will time out.

I installed wireshark to check. For example, curl to check TCP/IP connection. TCP three hands are okay, but after client send 'GET HTTP1.1 /' package, server did not process, then client did 'TCP Retransmission', and finally send 'RST, ACK', server send a 'TCP Window Update', but connection was reset, http connection failed. But set a short user-agen it okay, for example, curl -A "curl"

Server(Dell 0K8Y0N) - can sent package well, but can not receive/process package which larger than 126 bytes.

Like this:

No.     Time           Source                Destination           Protocol Length Info
      6 2.497835         HTTP     131    GET / HTTP/1.1 

Frame 6: 131 bytes on wire (1048 bits), 131 bytes captured (1048 bits) on interface \Device\NPF_{70DCCE94-DC90-4F1F-9050-F582C1F63BC0}, id 0
Ethernet II, Src: PcsCompu_59:50:77 (08:00:27:59:50:77), Dst: LenovoBe_2a:c3:68 (20:76:93:2a:c3:68)
    Destination: LenovoBe_2a:c3:68 (20:76:93:2a:c3:68)
    Source: PcsCompu_59:50:77 (08:00:27:59:50:77)
    Type: IPv4 (0x0800)
Internet Protocol Version 4, Src:, Dst:
Transmission Control Protocol, Src Port: 50122, Dst Port: 80, Seq: 1, Ack: 1, Len: 77
    Source Port: 50122
    Destination Port: 80
    [Stream index: 2]
    [TCP Segment Len: 77]
    Sequence Number: 1    (relative sequence number)
    Sequence Number (raw): 4285732873
    [Next Sequence Number: 78    (relative sequence number)]
    Acknowledgment Number: 1    (relative ack number)
    Acknowledgment number (raw): 2026075288
    0101 .... = Header Length: 20 bytes (5)
    Flags: 0x018 (PSH, ACK)
    Window: 1025
    [Calculated window size: 262400]
    [Window size scaling factor: 256]
    Checksum: 0xea3b [unverified]
    [Checksum Status: Unverified]
    Urgent Pointer: 0
    [SEQ/ACK analysis]
    TCP payload (77 bytes)
Hypertext Transfer Protocol

No.     Time           Source                Destination           Protocol Length Info
      7 3.127867         TCP      131    [TCP Retransmission] 50122 → 80 [PSH, ACK] Seq=1 Ack=1 Win=262400 Len=77


I tried to set MTU lower than 126 or 84, but Windows can not set MTU smaller than 352.

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answered 2021-09-08 07:52:04 +0000

martyvis gravatar image

Hi Liujia,

I think you have also posted here on the Intel forum and are awaiting an answer from them

I do think (especially as you have said the server works fine on Linux) that you probably have either a Windows driver issue, or at least configuration issue with that driver. It does seems a particularly unusual behaviour you are experiencing. Ultimately I think Wireshark is only confirming what you have seen by your testing - and can't really fix the issue that might be in the driver.

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Thanks for your answer. Yes, Wireshark help me know more about this case, it is a good tools. I asked Intel for support about the Windows driver, but Intel said that, 'this is not a problem with driver or controller. I210 is a mature product. customer should be contacting Dell becuase it is embedded device (I210) on Dell system', and you see that, Intel also closed my posted on I asked Dell support too, but Dell require 'Service Tag' which hosting company can not supply. So I have to posted for help from community forum, like here. If set a low MTU(for example, set MTU to 112 bytes) or IP fragment can temporary address this issue, how to do? I googled this - WinpkFilter which can supports MTU decrement. But I do not know about program, I do not know how to set a ...(more)

liujia gravatar imageliujia ( 2021-09-08 08:20:22 +0000 )edit

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