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Broadcasts per VLAN

asked 2021-05-14 10:37:27 +0000

ITgustl gravatar image

updated 2021-05-14 10:39:23 +0000


how can I achieve the follwing:

Live-Capture from a VLAN-Trunk with n VLANs.
Now I want so see the Broadcasts/Multicasts per VLAN in a Graph.

Lets say:
VLAN1 = 10 broadcasts/sec
VLAN10 = 12 broadcasts/sec
VLAN100 = 14 broadcasts/sec
and so on...

In other word, a simple per VLAN broadcast monitoring.


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2 Answers

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answered 2021-05-14 14:45:51 +0000

Eddi gravatar image

Hello ITgustl

and welcome to

To visualize the broadcast load per VLAN I highly recommend the I/O graphs. The feature is available though the menu Statistics -> I/O Graphs.

  • You probably want to disable the default graphs by removing the checkmarks in the first column.
  • Next, add a filter for each VLAN in your trace, like == 1 and eth.dst.ig == 1
  • Depending on your needs, selects packets per second or bit per second
  • Fiddle around with the style settings per line / graph name

A few hints for the graphs:

  • Use strong, distinct colors. Red, blue and green work great on screen
  • Check if the lines are visible on a monochrome print-out
  • Fiddle around with the graph style. I like a line pattern for the most frequent values and impulse or bars for less frequent numbers.

Good luck


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Thank you Eddi! This was exactly what I looked for!

Regards ITgustl

ITgustl gravatar imageITgustl ( 2021-05-14 16:51:56 +0000 )edit

answered 2021-05-14 11:33:42 +0000

hugo.vanderkooij gravatar image

To steer you in the right direction: How would you filter on broadcasts/multicasts for a specific vlan? If you can do that then you can use such a filter in your graphs. If you look in the packet details you can select fileds to use as a filter. That can help you setup the relevant filters.

This answer is not a howto but a hint to help you developing the skill to solve this and similar issues.

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Thanks Hugo!

ITgustl gravatar imageITgustl ( 2021-05-14 16:52:17 +0000 )edit

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