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Decrypting QUIC packets on Wireshark

asked 2021-02-04 16:19:04 +0000

Zohar8395 gravatar image

Hi, I'm using Google Chrome browser version 88 and the latest Wireshark version. When I capture Quic packets I can only see The handshake and then all the rest of the packet are "Protected payload". Adding TLS key txt file does not help to the decrypt the packets. Is there any way to do that? I saw very few guides on the web, none of them worked for me. Thanks in advance.

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answered 2021-02-04 16:53:01 +0000

grahamb gravatar image

QUIC decryption is a work in progress at the moment. Note that as per this Issue you need Chrome 89 or later to obtain the QUIC secrets in the SSLKEYLOGFILE but I can't find another reference for that.

More info (technical) about QUIC support in Wireshark here.

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