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Can i add Packet colorization in my Wireshark Dissector Plugin (c)

asked 2021-01-28 14:31:29 +0000

Robin26689 gravatar image

Hi togehter,

is it possible to mark different frames in different colors via code? I know how to add it by hand but i would like to color my different frames in different colors via code.

Thanks and kind regards


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answered 2021-01-28 15:15:39 +0000

grahamb gravatar image

updated 2021-01-29 08:35:52 +0000

No, a dissector creates fields and sets values into the fields, then users may create color filters based on field values.

Conceptually dissectors should not have any connection with the UI as they don't know how the dissection engine will be invoked.

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well okay thanks, thought so because i couldn't find anything within the the readme files or in the internet. I will set proper filter then and add them to my own ws.

Robin26689 gravatar imageRobin26689 ( 2021-01-29 06:21:59 +0000 )edit

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