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Lots of ARP requests in company

asked 2020-11-27 08:53:40 +0000

Lots of ARP requests Hello, our company employs 40 computers. We have a Cisco 48 port 2960 Switch. Unfortunately, I noticed on the wireshark that a few ip addresses via ARP request to get an ip address of a host that is not in our network. For example our computers have an ip with the fourth octet starting from 150 to 200, and the computer asks to get the macaddress to an ip address ending in .72. I would like to know why on a Windows 10 computer management is sent to this address x.x.x.72. It is possible that in the past some application related to this ip address was working, but I'm not entirely convinced.

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answered 2020-11-27 10:33:51 +0000

hugo.vanderkooij gravatar image

I am not sure what the question is here. So I might have interpreted it not as you might have expected.

But wireshark can't answer all questions. In this case it points you to a spot where you need to dig into the issue to get additional information.

If you know who is sending APR requests for IP addresses you don't know then it is time to go to that system and see what is going on over there. That answer is not in the network but in the specific host.

Happy hunting.

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Well, I think so, is there any tool that will allow me to diagnose by which applications / services are trying to exit to a specific ip address through this host? This computer and the rest work in the windows 10 operating system. I know the question went to the windows category, but the answer to this question will allow me to tackle this problem

Renitares gravatar imageRenitares ( 2020-11-27 12:30:25 +0000 )edit

Problem solved. I blocked outgoing IP addresses from computers that generated ARP. It was a reference to an old network drive and printer that I had no idea about. Thanks again to everyone for your help.

Renitares gravatar imageRenitares ( 2020-11-27 14:08:44 +0000 )edit

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