Find what is pinging a certain set of IP Addresses

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Hi all,

Our door security managment system uses various wireless bridges around site to communicate with wireless locks, these are dummy ap's they all have a static IP address assigned to them but something weird has happned since I returned to site. Every 17 seconds all the bridges let out a diagnostic beep, the beep is there primarly from the program I can hit 'Detect' on one of the bridges and it will send a ping to it and beep so I can identify which bridge is which. However clearly there is something pinging around to these devices on the network I can't figure out what it is.

So that's my situation my question is with wireshark can I find out what is potentially pinging these devices?

Thank you.

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I would first check if the beep stops when you disconnect a bridge from the rest of your network. Just to be sure that it has definitly something to do with the traffic of the LAN side. If the beep stops you can assume that's something from the LAN.

Is the bridge connected to a managed switch? Can you configure a SPAN / monitor port to mirror the traffic of the port were the bridge is connected to? If yes you can capture the traffic with Wireshark over the SPAN port. Otherwise just capture the broadcast traffic in the LAN segment. Maybe you will see a broadcast that occurs every 17 seconds that triggers the "beep". When you capture the traffic, use the program and press "Detect" and note the time, so that you will have an reference what exactly happens in this case.

Upload the capture and the information ...(more)

JasMan gravatar imageJasMan ( 2020-06-11 11:02:20 +0000 )edit