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Can I keep writing to the same file after it is full and just start over again

asked 2020-06-03 18:13:58 +0000

I want to only use one fle for the capture. After it reaches a certain size delete and fill again using the same file name so I do not over fill the hard drive?

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answered 2020-06-03 20:26:24 +0000

Chuckc gravatar image

Capture Files and Capture Options for reference.

If you want a continuous capture (stopped manually) which doesn't fill the disk, this is done with a "ring buffer" which requires a minimum of two files. You may want to use many smaller files (10, 50, 100, ?) so that the storage space isn't double the size as when using just two files.

If on the other hand you only want one capture file that ends when a certain condition is met, that can be set up under Capture->Options...->Options.

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