rst,ack after some tcp retrasmissions on a tls comms

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Hi all, hope someone will be able to help me.

I have a random problem in client to server communication.

user is blaming that ( randomly ) they are not able to use a previoulsy working application. Sometimes they are not able to "change" the page they are brwowsing or just to input some values in a form. they have to wait approx 30 secs or so...or refresh the page.

network architecture is : Windows client connected via vpn IPSEC to an AWS Linux server that publish ssl application on port 8443

i've made a client ( wireshark...first screen ) and a server ( tcpdump second screen) capture and i've noticed something odd ( for me ).

it seem that when users are not able to "browse the page" i get some retrassmission at both client and server side ( attached ) and finally i get a rst/ack from client.

As per my understanding, it seem both client and server are not able to communicate eachother but the network seem stable because i've also runt a pingplotter that pools the destination server continuosly and i have no packet drop ( 3rd immage ) or interruptions. No latency ( 30ms average and no jitter ).

any idea what could cause the problem

files are visible at:

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as additional note...just noticed the same behaviour using ssh connection....several retrasmission than RST-ACK

the odd thing is that i had 2 ssh session from the same source pc....and i noticed that when one fail the other is still it can't be a connection problem itself. it must be related to the single session.

any hit?

here the ssh capture

58 2020-06-03 17:48:27,324510 TCP 54 50487 → 22 [ACK] Seq=1687 Ack=3678 Win=65536 Len=0 CS0

59 2020-06-03 17:49:04,776656 SSHv2 106 Client: Encrypted packet (len=52) CS0

60 2020-06-03 17:49:05,070778 TCP 106 [TCP Retransmission] 50487 → 22 [PSH, ACK] Seq=1687 Ack=3678 Win=65536 Len=52 CS0

61 2020-06-03 17:49 ...(more)

dikkia gravatar imagedikkia ( 2020-06-03 19:53:48 +0000 )edit