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Printer sending RST, ACK to computer continuously without pending job

asked 2018-02-16 18:24:58 +0000

nmocean gravatar image

updated 2018-02-16 18:25:48 +0000

So I ran a scan on my network today and noticed that my printer's IP address is continually sending RST, ACK packets to my computer's IP address I also noticed that the port numbers used are in the really high range and that struck me as odd. And after going through the scan I noticed it keeps changing port numbers. I don't know if my printer has been infected with something and it is trying to run a port scan on my computer or if something else is going wrong. I would appreciate any insight into what could be causing this. Also when I performed the scan I had no pending jobs for the printer. I will attack a screen shot of the scan to give you a better picture to what I am seeing

![image description]

Thank you again for any help or insight.

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answered 2018-02-16 18:42:36 +0000

grahamb gravatar image

You PC is attempting to open a TCP connection to port 57748 on the printer and the printer won't accept it, hence the RST. As each attempt is rejected, the tcp stack on your PC then chooses the next available port for the subsequent attempt.

As you note eventually it does connect on port 80

As to why the printer rejects the connections on 57748, that's up to you to determine what process on your PC is attempting that connection and to then determine if that, or the printer are in error.

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