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asked 2020-05-29 21:42:44 +0000

quest4answer gravatar image

Hello: basically i want to accomplish this below with current version of wireshark graphs

is that possible


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answered 2020-05-29 22:05:38 +0000

grahamb gravatar image

Yes, although it refers to the old (2.2.xx) graph interface. For recent versions double click in the Y -Axis column to set the function, e.g AVG(Y Field) and double click in the Y Field column to enter the field, e.g. tcp.time_delta.

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i tried that earlier but its not the same as 2.2xx graph interface.. The problem is i need y axis as latency just like 2.2x graph. please see below picture where the arrow points

quest4answer gravatar imagequest4answer ( 2020-05-29 22:28:39 +0000 )edit

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