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New to wireshark, need help, software fails to livestream to Facebook.

asked 2020-04-12 18:52:28 +0000

fireYtail gravatar image

Hi there, I'm a Nvidia 3D Vision user, but Geforce Experience Share fails to livestream to anywhere, particularly Facebook. Long story short, I've closed all my programs except Wireshark and Geforce Experience and uploaded to Google Drive a packets capture of what happens when I try to livestream to Facebook, currently where I want to do live streamings. I also disabled Windows Defender firewall during this operation. I'm 100% sure the problem is not my internet connection as I can livestream perfectly fine to Facebook or anywhere with other softwares such as OBS, but unfortunately only Geforce Experience Share supports stereoscopic 3D capture. I can't update the software to any newer version because if I do, I'll be forced to also update my GPU drivers in order to capture via Geforce Experience Share, and as such losing 3D vision in the process. I've also been trying to force keep 3D vision with the latest GPU drivers using various methods provided on the internet, but any attemp to run any game with 3D vision on results in an immediate game crash or 3D vision not being turned on, ignoring the game. As such, and since no live streaming program including OBS and Ffmpeg support HDMI frame packing stereoscopic 3D capture as input, I've thought of capturing the network traffic as a solution but since I don't understand Wireshark and these things, I need someone else to help me out. I need to find out what or where the problem is since this version of Geforce Experience Share doesn't allow custom servers or using stream keys, but works by logging in your accounts, such as your Facebook account, and linking them to Nvidia. I say this because I'm guessing the problem is it's just trying to connect to the wrong IP address or domain name. I hope together we can find a way to fix this and, sort of, "redirect" the software to the right streaming server for it to work. I tried messing with the "hosts" file in Windows but no luck so far... Thank you very much for your help! Here's the link to the file: Wireshark.pcapng

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answered 2020-04-12 19:43:53 +0000

grahamb gravatar image

Your short capture doesn't show much of interest, three small encrypted conversations with a server named "" and some random other traffic.

I don't think Wireshark is going to help you much at this time, you need to resolve your application issues. Think of Wireshark as a microscope, without understanding what you are looking at, all you can see is "interesting" pictures.

You should contact more appropriate support organisations for your application issue, e.g. Nvidia.

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As I think I have already said, 3D vision is no longer supported by Nvidia...

fireYtail gravatar imagefireYtail ( 2020-04-12 19:57:17 +0000 )edit

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