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npcap package with wireshark installer encounter Unknown error! 800f0203 during installation

asked 2020-03-05 07:58:22 +0000

yaoit gravatar image

updated 2020-03-05 07:58:51 +0000


I'm trying to install wireshark v3.2.1 but during the npcap installation, I encounter the below error Unknown error! 800f0203 Npcap LWF driver has failed to be installed. Failed to create the npcap service for Win7, Win8 and Win10

May I check what could be the possible issues that can cause the installation to fail?

Thanks, Dan

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answered 2020-03-05 13:40:51 +0000

Pascal Quantin gravatar image

Hi Dan,

better report this and ask for help on the Npcap bug tracker:

Best regards, Pascal.

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