Can't See Ethernet (en0) on MacOS

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I have a Mac Mini that is hard-wired to my DSL router which provides internet. (The WiFi adapter on the Mac Mini is turned off.)

When I open WireShark 3 on my Mac Mini, I cannot see or capture from the en0 interface.

But, if I open a terminal and type: "tcpdump -i en0 -w ~/capture.pcap" then the result is a correct-looking tcpdump showing TCP traffic between my various home network devices and the internet. I can open the resulting capture.pcap file in Wireshark and inspect the packets, etc.

Is there a simple way to skip the terminal/tcpdump step and just capture en0 from directly within WireShark? In other words, since the en0 interface hardware (BroadCom 57766-A1 Gigabet Ethernet) is apparently capable of what I want to do, how do I see that interface in WireShark?


edit: Incidentally, if I open terminal and type: "tcpdump -i en0 -I -w ~/capture.pcap" (adding the -I option) then the command fails with: "tcpdump: en0: That device doesn't support monitor mode". Not sure if that clarifies anything.

edit 2: oh sorry, I guess monitor mode is a wireless thing only. :-)

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What do the commands "dumpcap -D" and "tcpdump -D" print?

Guy Harris gravatar imageGuy Harris ( 2020-02-08 19:50:07 +0000 )edit