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Error when trying to start capture

asked 2019-11-03 18:49:49 +0000

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updated 2019-11-04 07:39:24 +0000

grahamb gravatar image

I just installed Wireshark this morning (11/3/2019) on 64-bit Windows 10 computer. I got the error message shown in the image below when I clicked on Start. What does this mean? How do I correct it?

Unable to upload image (something about need >60 points). Here is what the error message said: The capture session could not be initiated on interface '\Device\NPF_Loopback' (Error opening adapter: A device which does not exist was specified. (433)).

Please check to make sure you have sufficient permissions, and that you have the proper interface or pipe specified.

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It helps if you include the information from "Help->About Wireshark" or "wireshark -v".

Chuckc gravatar imageChuckc ( 2019-11-03 22:37:40 +0000 )edit

Here is the additional information "About Wireshark" requested by bubbasnmp.

Version 3.0.6 (v3.0.6-0-g908c8e357d0f) 

Copyright 1998-2019 Gerald Combs <[email protected]> and contributors. License GPLv2+: GNU GPL version 2 or later <> This is free software; see the source for copying conditions. There is NO warranty; not even for MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.

Compiled (64-bit) with Qt 5.12.5, with WinPcap SDK (WpdPack) 4.1.2, with GLib 2.52.2, with zlib 1.2.11, with SMI 0.4.8, with c-ares 1.14.0, with Lua 5.2.4, with GnuTLS 3.6.3 and PKCS #11 support, with Gcrypt 1.8.3, with MIT Kerberos, with MaxMind DB resolver, with nghttp2 1.39.2, with LZ4, with Snappy, with libxml2 2.9.9, with QtMultimedia, with AirPcap, with SBC, with SpanDSP, with ...
Nick1941 gravatar imageNick1941 ( 2019-11-03 23:54:26 +0000 )edit

The install looks good - latest Wireshark and npcap.
Have you looked through this question:
I can generate a similar error message if I stop the npcap service.
Can you run the npcap DiagReport. It's described under Reporting Bugs here:

Chuckc gravatar imageChuckc ( 2019-11-04 02:50:04 +0000 )edit

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answered 2019-11-04 07:41:02 +0000

grahamb gravatar image

You seem to have run into an npcap issue that is affecting some people. Look for other questions that have the tag "npcap" to see the discussions.

Some have got npcap to start correctly by running the following command from an elevated prompt sc start npcap and rebooting. Sometimes it seems to take several attempts.

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