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Npcap Loopback Adapter Packet Capture

asked 2019-06-13 10:07:25 +0000

Dark Brains Decoder Access gravatar image

updated 2019-06-13 11:10:59 +0000

Just after opening Wireshark, after few seconds, the Npcap Loopback Adapter is showing some activity and in the Packet list section it is showing some data with protocol as ICMP, UDP, DHCP, SSDP, LLMNR, IGMPv3.

My question is that the Wifi adapter is off and the machine is not connected to any internet. How is it able to capture packets? What are these actually?

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answered 2019-06-13 13:32:50 +0000

Jaap gravatar image

This is activity that is being generated by the Operating System and/or other services when a network interface comes up.

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Asked: 2019-06-13 10:07:25 +0000

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