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Unable to play back stream

asked 2019-10-29 15:18:23 +0000

Cei P gravatar image

Hi there.

We have just updated the version of Wireshark we use. Since the update I am unable to play any of the SIP calls back like I use to be able to do.

Any ideas if the new version is stopping me doing this or am I going mad?

I am using version 3.0.6 if that helps

Many thanks


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What was the previous version?

grahamb gravatar imagegrahamb ( 2019-10-29 16:09:13 +0000 )edit

same thing happens on 3.0.3 version. Been such a long time since I have fault found on wireshark i cant remember the version number where it just works straight off.

Cei P gravatar imageCei P ( 2019-10-29 16:24:06 +0000 )edit

So, since you can no longer tell us with which version you were able to do this, can we trace the steps you take to try to get to play the streams?

Jaap gravatar imageJaap ( 2019-10-30 05:09:24 +0000 )edit

Hi Jaap Thanks for the response. The answer was that the trace I got sent back had all the RTP packets filtered out. So once that was discovered we got the right trace back over and was able to play back the streams.

Many thanks for your help and to everyone who replied.

Cei P gravatar imageCei P ( 2019-10-30 08:10:10 +0000 )edit

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answered 2019-10-29 23:02:42 +0000

SYN-bit gravatar image

The one thing that I know did change between versions is that in recent versions, the RTP packets must actually be visible in the packet list to be able to be played back. So if you filtered on sip for instance and then started to play back, it will not work. Can you check with an unfiltered packet list and see if the audio plays back?

Also, we support G711 and G729 playback (and I believe we support G722 & G726 in recent versions too, but I'm not sure), so please also check whether you are using a codec that Wireshark can decode.

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That is almost if not the same thing that happened. The trace was filtering out the RTP packets, once that was discovered we got the right trace. Many thanks for the help and responses from the community.

Cei P gravatar imageCei P ( 2019-10-30 08:12:04 +0000 )edit

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