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Problems while exporting to csv

asked 2019-08-04 22:15:21 +0000

foobar gravatar image

I've a packet trace which I'm trying to export to csv. In this trace, I apply the duration field of the packet as a column. However, when I open the csv file using excel or libre office, this duration field gets corrupted as follows.

Let's say that in wireshark the field was 1688us (microseconds). In the csv file, this gets displayed as 1688\302\265s. I want to know how to get the 1688 value displayed in the csv column and remove the \ and second unit in the end.

To export to csv, I go to File->Export Packet Dissections->As CSV

Can someone please tell me what I might be doing wrong.?

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answered 2019-08-05 01:27:51 +0000

cmaynard gravatar image

In this trace, I apply the duration field of the packet as a column.

the duration field? I'm not sure which exact field you're referring to, but let's say it's foo.duration. You might try using tshark instead. For example:

tshark -r file.pcap -T fields -E separator=, -E quote=d -e frame.number -e foo.duration
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