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wireshark causes NO receive errors with UDP

asked 2019-08-03 16:55:59 +0000

brob gravatar image

I have an issue on an Intel target board running vxworks. On occasion I see UDP packet receive errors. This is a low random event but causing us to miss valid messages. On our target we are unable to run TCP. When I run pcap on the Intel target board, I no longer see any errors and my packet receive errors go to ZERO. Therefore i am unable to reproduce my problem when running pcap.

Does pcap put the PHY into promiscuous mode?

What does pcap do that would make all UDP packets to make it through with NO errors?


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answered 2019-08-03 19:20:14 +0000

Guy Harris gravatar image

Does pcap put the PHY into promiscuous mode?

If the program using libpcap asks it to, if the OS on which it's running supports that, and if the adapter it's using supports that, it will do so.

If it's truly running on VXWorks, that's not an OS that the standard libpcap release supports, unless the configure script or CMake files think it looks enough like some UN*X for it to work, so I don't know whether it'd support promiscuous mode or not; I don't know what program is using libpcap, so I don't know whether it requests promiscuous mode or not.

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