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Packet Bytes window only shows 8 bytes of dump rather than the 16 bytes

asked 2019-06-27 15:26:17 +0000

my Packets Byte Window (ascii column) only displays 8 of the bytes instead of the 16 bytes like the hex dump colums show. It was fine yesterday. I tried zoom in and zoom out but the ascii column comes and goes depending on the zoom factor.
Bound to be simple, I'm just a noob... thanks!

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answered 2019-06-27 15:37:20 +0000

grahamb gravatar image

updated 2019-06-27 15:40:29 +0000

There have been some similar questions in the recent past (e.g. here), unfortunately nothing has been resolved for the few that are suffering with the issue.

There is an issue in our bug tracker for the question I referred to.

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thanks! that answered my question

roujesky gravatar imageroujesky ( 2019-06-28 23:45:40 +0000 )edit

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