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The "python interpreter" is the python interpreter binary, i.e. python.exe, or more appropriately on Windows, pythonw.exe. The latter doesn't start a terminal window. Note that it would be best to provide the the full path to the interpreter, otherwise you'll be relying on the interpreter being added to your system or user path.

Not sure why you provide a link to an out of date third party copy of the Wireshark codebase, the project's own git repository can be accessed here which is easily found from the Wireshark website -> Develop -> Browse the Code.

The current documentation for extcap is the manpage, and the example.

If your extcap is built using C, you'll need to obtain the Wireshark source code for the appropriate headers and ensure the required libraries have been built\downloaded to allow the extcap binary to be built. If using Python for the extcap, then no recompilation should be needed.