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If ethernet frame is transferred over serial port(COM port), wireshark can decode that frame?

If you take the contents of the Ethernet frames and arrange that they be put into a pcap file with a link-layer header type of LINKTYPE_ETHERNET (1), or a pcapng file with an interface description block with a type of LINKTYPE_ETHERNET, then Wireshark should be able to read those files and decode the Ethernet frames.

Note that they will have to be Ethernet frames - i.e., they'll need to start with a 6-octet destination MAC address, followed by a 6-octet source MAC address, followed by a 2-octet type/length field, followed by the payload. If, for example, you're sending IP packets - e.g., if you have a device that receives IP-over-Ethernet frames and sends the IP packets on the serial line, and receives IP packets over the serial lines and sends them on the Ethernet - then you'd need a different LINKTYPE_ value, such as LINKTYPE_RAW for raw IP.