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Hi Andrea,

the communication between the eNB and the Core Network (MME for the control pane, SGW for the data plane) is IP based. That's why you can see respectively the SCTP/S1AP and the IP/UDP/GTP-U packets.

But the communication between the UE and the eNB is not IP based over the air. The NAS/RRC control messages are encapsulated in PDCP/RLC/MAC PDUs that are then modulated / demodulated when transmitted over the air. Presumably the protocol used to simulate the air interface is transmitting IQ samples (or something similar) between the UE and eNB, so you cannot see the RRC messages directly. As far as I know srsUE and srsENB have an option to export the MAC PDUs in a pcap file for offline analysis (you can check their documentation for more details). I do not know how / if this can be easily done with those containers.