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There seems to be a MTU problem in the upload path. If you filter on "", you can see that frame 385 gets acknowledged in frame 429, but non of the following (full-sized) frames get acknowledged. Then when frame 431 is sent (less than a full frame), it gets acknowledged in frame 438. Looking at the SACK values in the TCP options of frame 438, you can see that only up till sequence number 381 is received, plus sequence numbers 14861-15997 (which is exactly what frame 431 sent).

This might be caused by:

  • A problem within the provider network?
  • A configuration issue on the LTE/4G router, maybe it should be configured with a lower MTU for our mobile network?

(I need to wait for the 1 hour interval on your filesharing platform before I can look at the other trace, does it use the same SIM card as the LTE/4G router?)