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The sample file works - decrypts right away. Here are my settings that work (picture at the end); perhaps you changed some settings? Some minor issues I have run across trying to decrypt:

  1. Sometimes you have to reload the capture file after entering all the passphrase information
  2. On rare occasion, entering the passphrase and SSID does not work- have to enter the PMK directly (not the case with sample trace here)
  3. If there are multiple eapol handshakes in the trace from several devices, all streams might not be decrypted. Not the case with the sample or your trace, but easy workaround by filtering on specific hosts and then it works.

There are other tools that can decrypt too (Omnipeek, Aircrack-ng suite, etc), but you need to get the sample file to work as it is known good. Here are my setting that work for the sample file: (/upfiles/15563753908236957.png)image description

Decrypted data sample: image description