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Hi Anas,

I've answered a similar question about previous segment not being captured.

TCP segment not capture may be normal if they are seen at the beginning of a capture or at least if you started capturing packets after the TCP conversation had begun. It can also mean there are dropped packets either on the network or on the capture device. Check Statistics -> Capture File Properties (CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+C) to see if there were drops. (The capture device may not support populating that field.)

To me it looks like you are seeing the effect of packet loss.

Is the signalling or the camera feeds that are lost?

You mention RTSP and cameras so do you mean Real Time Streaming Protocol because to me RSTP is Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol?

RTSP over TCP would make sense for seeing segments not capture.

Your subject line, however, reads RTP so is it Real-time Transport Protocol but over TCP? I'm used to seeing it over UDP myself.

If you capture on the firewall, try to capture on the ingress and egress interfaces to verify the firewall is not dropping the packets.

Look at interfaces counters on the path the traffic takes.

Hope this helps.



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