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Starting with Wireshark 3.0.0, autotools is no longer supported, only cmake. I am surprised that there's no mention of this in the Wireshark 3.0.0 Release Notes, but I guess the release notes is geared more for users than developers.

That said, the Wireshark developer's guide does reflect the new build process:

3.5.1. Building on Unix

The recommended (and fastest) way to build Wireshark is with CMake and Ninja:

# Starting from your Wireshark source directory, create a build directory
# alongside it.
$ cd ..
$ mkdir wireshark-ninja
$ cd wireshark-ninja
# Assumes your source directory is named "wireshark".
$ cmake -G Ninja ../wireshark
$ ninja (or cmake --build .)

If you need to build with a non-standard configuration, you can run

$ cmake -LH ../wireshark

to see what options you have.

I hope that helps.